Hazel Hammersley, a two-year-old cancer patient at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, received more than 20 pizzas when her mom put up a joke sign on their room window reading 'Send Pizza RM 4112'.

The idea was to brighten Hazel's day, but then someone posted it to Reddit, and the pizzas started coming in.

Lauren, Hazel's mother, wrote on the family blog: 'Hazel woke up from her nap to the smell of pizza and was so excited to chow down! Several other children and nurses came into the room, with music playing, and had themselves a wonderful Pizza Party.'

Source: Facebook

Hazel has a High-Risk, Stage 3 Neuroblastoma and she will be receiving 18 months of hospital treatment and has a donation page.

Has this restored your faith in humanity or what?

BTW, what's your favorite kind of pizza?