When was the last time you learned something from a movie?

English teacher Matthew Burton in Leeds, England, learned something very valuable from The King’s Speech, the movie with Colin Firth where he plays King George VI and his battle to overcome his stammer to speak in public.

He learned that if a stutterer listened to music while speaking, they could lose their stutter, and he decided to teach this technique to his 16-year-old student Musharaf Asghar.

Thanks to Mr. Burton, yesterday Musharaf delivered a speech in front of a group of students and TV cameras that had everyone in tears...

Check it out, but first go to the kitchen and chop some onions so you have a good alibi for your own tears... 

Twitter exploded with people that had been following his case on TV in England. Here are some of the tweets? 

Source: Twitter 

What have YOU learned from a movie?