A police officer stops a minivan for driving 71 in a 55 mph zone. In the van: a woman and her 5 children. The officer goes back to his car to write her a tickets and she takes off. He stops her again. They start arguing and it gets really bad... Check this report...

As you can see things escalate in a way that by the end of the dash-cam video, an officer is shooting the car with all 5 kids and their mom still in it. She surrenders, eventually, and the cops find drug paraphernalia in the car; that might be why she was trying to flee.

People online are going crazy about this video claiming that the officer  was crazy for shooting at a car full of kids, but others are claiming it is the mom's responsibility to keep her kids safe and by fleeing she put them in danger.

So, here's our question... What's worse? Fleeing a police officer with a car full of kids or firing at a car full of kids?