Jessica Robles, a Miami mother of three, had no food at home or money to buy it, and her kids were getting hungry. What she did next was what any other desperate parent would have done if there was no money around and no prospects of getting it at all. She shoplifted at a local supermarket. As expected, she got caught. The twist to this story, though, is that the officer that had to deal with her gave her a misdemeanor citation and then she did something completely unexpected.

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Yes; that's right; she bought Jessica $100 in groceries!

But Jessica's good news didn't end there... After people learned about this, the community raised $700 for her to buy more groceries and keep the rest.

And that's not all: John Challenor of called her for an interview and offered her a job as a customer service rep.

If only we could do this with everyone going through tough times...

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