What's happening at Seafair?  Bad traffic, that's what!! This weekend, Seattle will be busy with some big Seafair events.  And of course, that means some pretty nasty traffic as well.  Here is information on closures for this weekend (August 2nd-4th).


Seafair Road Closures :

I90 WILL BE CLOSED from I5 to Mercer Island from 1:15pm to 2:40pm on Saturday AND Sunday for the air show performances. The ramps to I90 will be closed as well, starting as early as 12:15pm (most will be closed only 30 minutes before the show). 

*Note: The I90 Express Lanes will close at 12:30 on Saturday and Sunday and reopen by 3pm.

*Note: The bridge highrises will still be accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. However, no one on foot or bike can travel beyond the highrises up to 30 minutes prior to posted closure times

Here are the ramps that will be closed:

NB I-5 to EB I-90

SB I5 to EB I90

NB & SB Rainier Ave ramps

76th Ave to WB I90

Island Crest Way to WB I90

EB I90 to West Mercer Way

East Mercer Way to WB I90 (closed up to 1 hour before show)

W Mercer Way to WB I90 (closed up to 1 hour before show)


**PRO TIP: The Hydro races will happen througout the weekend at Genessee Park, just south of the west end of the I90 bridge.  They create quite a visual distraction for drivers specifically in the Eastbound lanes across the bridge, and in the Westbound lanes at the east highrise.  During the weekend, expect heavier than normal traffic either direction of I90 because of this!


Additional Construction/Maintencance Closures this weekend :

SR167 in Auburn : Pugst Sound Energy will CLOSE BOTH DIRECTIONS of SR167 near Auburn at the King/Pierce Co line from 11pm Saturday August 3 to 7am Sunday August 4 for utility work.  They will have a posted detour through the area.

SR522 near Monroe : SR522 will be CLOSED in either direction from 164th St to Fales/Echo Lake Road from 12:01am to 6am Sunday August 4 for bridge work.  Detour signs will take you to SR9 via US2.

Corson Off-Ramps in Seattle : The NB and SB I5 ramps to Corson Ave S will be CLOSED from 9am today until 5am Monday so crews can work on bridge repair.  

NB I5 in Seattle : the 2 left lanes of NB I5 under the WS Convention Center will be CLOSED from 11:59pm Friday August 2 to 4am Saturday August 3 so they can test the fire alarm system. University On-ramp will be closed.  Even though its late at night, expect delays because of this closure.

Good luck, and be safe out there!  It has been incredibly dry for over a month now, and with the rain today, the roads are slippery (seriously. In the dry weather, the oils from cars seep into the road.  With the rain, the oils start to come out of the cement and make the roads slick - SO BE CAREFUL!).  We've seen far too many accidents today, and with the closures expected to make bad congestion over the weekend, we don't want to see any more!!


Have a great weekend, just plan ahead before you drive!!

-The Divas