in #CASE you missed it… Island Retreat Is For Women Only

in #CASE you missed it…  Island Retreat Is For Women Only

SuperShe is a company that promotes female networking and they host retreats and events across the world that connect adventure-seeking members, like their annual SuperShe retreat in Hawaii and a kiteboarding/kitesurfing retreat in the British Virgin Islands. But now they’ve got their own SuperShe Island off the coast of Finland in the Baltic Sea and they’ll start hosting women at their wellness retreat there this summer.

SuperShe first planned to open their ultimate home base in the Turks and Caicos Islands, but after the rough and wild 2017 hurricane season, they set their sights on Europe instead. SuperShe Island is 8.4-acres, will house 10 guest cabins, have spa-like amenities, and have facilities for those adventure activities.

Guests can do yoga, take cooking classes, get their sweat sessions in at fitness classes, and more - and there will not be a man at any of it. So why no fellas? “Women need time to spend with other women,” the company says. “Being on vacation with men can be draining and demanding. We want SuperShe Island to be rejuvenating and a safe place where women can reinvent themselves and their desires.”

No word on how much all this girl power will cost you, but we probably better start saving up now. The island officially opens in June and SuperShe members get first dibs on reservations, then everyone else can “be interviewed for access to the island.” They’re not taking any chances there.



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