in #CASE you missed it… Company Secrets Revealed!

in #CASE you missed it… Company Secrets Revealed!

In a recent thread on Reddit folks were asked what were some company secrets that they felt comfortable revealing now that they were no longer employed there…

Well the results and answers were quite revealing and shocking.

“I’m still admin for the Facebook page of a major insurance carrier that i quit a year ago. They regularly break the law by having unlicensed representatives provide insurance advice to customers.”

“I worked at a car dealership. The $1200 car care system that we would discount to $900 was “applied” with about 15 squirts of a spray bottle. Many times I’d hang out with the detail guys so the customer wouldn’t get suspicious at a quick turnaround.”

“Worked for a private school. Grades were definitely bought. We were discouraged to give anything lower than a B. Had one principal that told a teacher to take the final for a student that went on summer vacation early. She called it a shadow final and said nonchalantly that it's no big deal.”

“After working at a certain marketing agency, I don't trust online reviews. Everyone in our company from receptionist up through owner were assigned multiple fake yelp, google and Facebook accounts. On a daily basis, we were assigned to write fake 4 and (mostly) 5 star reviews to drown out all the legitimate criticisms of our clients. Some of those a*****  shouldn't even be in business.”

Have you got any secrets you want to divulge let us know!!!

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