in #CASE you missed it… A Little Revenge Can Make Your Day?

in #CASE you missed it… Sometimes a little revenge can make your day.

A broken marriage can be devastating, but you have to get up, brush yourself off, and move on. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a celebratory ritual in the process. That’s what Briana Barkdale did after her two years of waiting was finally over.

During the separation, she had to pay for his expenses and hers, that means she’s flat broke. What better way to make some money than have an epic garage sale with an entire household of his stuff? Among the treasures, his beloved Xbox and Playstation. Ouch!

Barkdale says it was worth the 50-thousand dollars she had to spend to be free. In her words “Am I going to be eating ramen until I’m 50? Probably. It’s fine. Single ramen tastes better than married filet mignon anyday.”

To top off the sale, she torched her wedding dress. It was blazing!

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