Passenger Films Toddlers 8-Hour Demonic Screaming Tantrum On Flight WATCH!

An 8-hour flight from Germany to America.  You can't entirely expect to have a relaxing journey for an entire 8-hour flight but this takes it to an entirely different level which is why we should take a moment to be thankful we weren't on this flight with this demonic child that screamed and ran rampant through the airplane for eight hours straight.

While the mother will remain unidentified she appeared to be American according to other passengers. The woman can be seen in the beginning of the video asking the stewards to turn on the WiFi as it might be able to calm her son down.  Calming down was not on this kids agenda however.  

For several hours this child was seen running down the aisles screaming his head off as the distressed passengers attempted to cover their ears to drown out the noise.

At oine point the child can be seen sittin on top of the seats while his mother is begging him to 'calm down' and take a seat although she never actually did much to stop him either.

The question here is, what would you do? 

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