in #CASE you missed it… A New Brides Nightmare!

in #CASE you missed it… A New Brides Nightmare!

A Rhode Island bride was on her way down to her wedding reception when she became trapped in an elevator. Melissa Rodger and two wedding planners were riding the Providence Biltmore elevator before it stopped four feet above the landing causing her to miss cocktail hour.

"I was hoping that it would just take a minute," Melissa says. "Five minutes went by and I thought: 'OK, something might be wrong.'" Her new huband, Justin Rodger caught wind of the situation from a bridesmaid just a few moments later. "One of her bridesmaids came up to me and whispered in my ear: 'we have a situation that's going on,'" Justin recalls. "'Don't be alarmed, but Melissa is stuck in the elevator.'"

A technician was able to get the elevator going after about 45 minutes. The couple says the rest of the reception went well even though it started 20 minutes late.

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