in #CASE you missed it… How To Protect Your Identity On Facebook

in #CASE you missed it… How To Protect Your Identity On Facebook

Be sure to do these things in order to protect your identity on Facebook.

With Facebook doing a bit of squirming for potentially misusing the user data of 50-million customers, now’s as good a time as any to talk about steps you can take to protect yourself.

Profile Page – Just because it asks you for all of your information doesn’t mean you must provide it. Keep things sparse.

Minimal Activity – The more active you are, the more you add to your profile. Taking the app off your phone makes you less trackable, too. You can also control who can post on your page and review everything you’re tagged in.

Third-Party Apps – First off, don’t click those stupid “personality test” baits. Those are info-gathering traps. Next, the more apps you have, the more exposed you are. It’s up to you to control that crap.

Privacy Settings – If you go to the “privacy” page, and then go to “Ad settings” you can disable Facebook’s ability to track what you do outside of Facebook, and place ads catered directly to you.

Of course, you could also just cut ties with Facebook completely…but really…who’s going to do that?


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