in #CASE you missed it… History & Healthy Munchies for 4/20

in #CASE you missed it… History & Healthy Munchies for 4/20

Well it’s April 20th – the annual holiday celebrated around the global by Pot enthusiasts.

As it’s commonly referred to as 4-20 – The origin has a few legends to it’s meaning.

“Many believe the term “420” originated from a police code that meant “Marijuana Smoking in Progress,” but as we stumble our way through the hazy past for the true origins of this iconic phrase, one blunt truth emerges—“420” did not originate with law enforcement, but with a group of high school students in 1970s California.”

Regardless of just how it started it has become a cultural phenomenon going mainstream. Now with many states legalizing weed in one form or another it’s clear to see that stigma once associated with it and the “refer madness” people once had were ill founded and unwarranted as modern medicine has proven.

There is no denying the fact that smoking marijuana has one side effect and that is something commonly known as “the munchies”  - The desire to eat. Not just eat but to seriously consume something.

Mostly junk food seems to be the go to for the munchies. Things like candy bars, chips, ice cream and others are an easy grab.

Maybe instead of going for the salty and sweet how about some healthy alternatives:

Raisins – Healthy, Portable, and you loved them as a kid

Grapes – The early and raw form of Raisins

Carrot Sticks / Celery Sticks  – Crunchie and munchie. Good for eyes too!

Walnuts – Heart Healthy

Apple Sauce – it’s a great alternative to ice cream and puddings

Orange Slices – loaded with Vitamin C, sweet, juicy. Yummy!


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