in #CASE you missed it… Childcare in WA Costs Per Month

in #CASE you missed it… Childcare in WA Costs Per Month

It’s certainly not a secret that it costs a lot to raise a kid, especially if both parents work and need to spend money on childcare. Well, as you can imagine, the cost varies from state to state, and there are certainly some states where those costs may break the bank.

Well, Business Broker Network just revealed a new map showing the price of childcare in each state, basing their numbers on a national survey of childcare providers, and let’s just say the numbers can be quite shocking.

Overall, folks in Washington, DC shell out the most for childcare, a whopping $35,782 a year, or $2,982 a month, followed by Massachusetts ($29,426 annually/$2,452 a month) and New York ($24,102 annually/$2,009 a month).

Here in Washington we don’t have as nearly as bad but it’s certainly not cheap….

On average families in Washington are spending  $1,790 a month on childcare.

In what ways do you try and save on childcare costs?


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