'Glitter Butts' Dubbed The Hot New Trend For Summer. Thoughts?

posted by Pedro Bartes -

Yeap, this is the new trend. Apparently young women (and some guys) wear glitter on their butts when they go to concerts....Be honest, what do you think of this new trend?

Our mirror stars can be used anywhere on the body! Keep up with the trend and recreate this #GlitterBum ✨💕⭐️

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We’re so overwhelmed by the response we’ve had from our glitter bums!🌈✨🙌🏻 It’s amazing to see all these publications write up on all the crazy and unique looks we create for you- head to our story to read more on this!✨💕🍑

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Suns out bums out!✨💥 Who’s ready for the bank holiday weekend!🔥🙌🏼

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Glitter Butts! We’re gaga for glitter... but on your butt? Yes or No to glitter butt? #glitterbutt #glitter #trending #trend #makeup #bodyart #sparkle #nyc #mermaids #popsugarmusthave #popsugar #summertrends

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