Is It Appropriate to Spank Your Kids?

If you see someone hit their kid in public, isn't your first instinct, "Should I call the cops?"  It's not, "Look at that parent doing a fine job disciplining an unruly youth."  

But apparently Americans are more okay with physically punishing kids than we realized.

According to a new Harris Interactive poll, 81% of Americans say it's sometimes appropriate to SPANK YOUR KID.  Less than one out of five people say you should never hit your kid.

But . . . with each generation, people become less and less likely to believe in spanking.  People 18 to 36 are most likely to say it's never okay . . . people over 68 are most likely to say it's okay. Of the parents surveyed, two-thirds say they've spanked their kids. 

The survey also found 23% of people say they received a WORSE physical punishment from their parents than spanking.

What do you think about spanking?


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