in #CASE you missed it… Def Leppard Beer On The Way

in #CASE you missed it… Def Leppard Beer On The Way

Def Leppard is jumping on the beer bandwagon. Just as they're about to embark on a co-headlining tour with Journey, Def Lep will release a craft beer that will be available at most stops on their tour and in select bars and restaurants in the vicinity of their venues. They’ve teamed up with Seattle’s Elysian Brewing Company to create Def Leppard Pale.

“It tastes great – that's the most important thing I can tell you,” says frontman Joe Elliott. “I would pass on doing an interview about this if I didn't like it. That to me is the most important thing.”

Elysian brewing company feels the same way. They think their collab with Def Leppard fits their brand to a T. “For our brand, our ethos is guitar, bass and drums," Elysian CEO and co-founder Joe Bisacca offers. "It's not ballad-y, it's not a quiet love song -- it's hardcore rock.”

He notes that the beer is a mix of British malt and American “citrus, piney hops” and with a six percent alcohol by volume, you can drink the beer all night long. Def Leppard hopes the beer will have some longevity and not just be a concert beer, but a refrigerator staple. Elysian Def Leppard Pale will be available beginning May 23rd, on the second stop of their co-headlining tour in Albany, New York in 16 ounce cans or draft.


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