Judge Orders 30-Year-Old To Move Out Of Parents Home. Thoughts?

  • Parents from Syracuse have taken their son to court to get him evicted from his home.
  • A judge has now ruled that the son must move out.
  • The son plans to appeal.

Parents from Syracuse, New York had taken their 30-year-old son to court in order to get him evicted from their home. Michael Rotondo had moved back in with his parents eight years ago after being fired from his last job. As the story goes, he doesn’t do anything to contribute to the home financially - even though he owns his own website business - and doesn't even help out with chores.

All that said, Mark and Christina Rotondo wanted their mooch out - and had repeatedly given Michael notices to move out from the home and even money find a place of his own. They had their day in court yesterday, and the judge has officially ordered Michael to move out. As you might expect, Michael is less than thrilled with the judge's order, saying quote: "This is outrageous." And yes, he plans to appeal.

Do you think the judge's ruling was the right one?



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