228,000 lbs. of Spam Recalled !

Over a quarter-million pounds of Spam and another loaf product made by Hormel is being recalled after some people became injured when eating these foods. Thankfully, the injuries that have been reported have been minor but still, who wants to take the chance of eating metal?

The recall includes canned chicken and pork that was produced from February 8th through 10th.There were four complaints from consumers about finding metal in these canned meats and it was brought to the attention of Hormel. The FSIS was notified on Friday.

To see which products are being recalled  CLICK ON THIS LINK.

The recalled products also have "EST. 199N" on the bottom of the can.

If you have these in your cupboard or pantry and have more questions, you can call Hormel at 1-800-523-4635.



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