in #CASE you missed it… This is a new twist on road rage.

in #CASE you missed it…  This is a new twist on road rage.

Road Rage Incident Ends With One Guy Pooping On Another

Henry Weaver and another man got into a road rage incident Friday morning while driving near Bethlehem, PA. They ended up out of their vehicles and that’s when things turned crappy.

State troopers aren’t saying what sparked the fight or releasing too many the details about it …probably because they are still trying to process what they dealt with…but they do say it ended with Weaver pooping on the other person. Let that sink in. Copped a squat over the dude and let it go.

He's being charged with harassment in the case. In his defense, Weaver said “I couldn't control my bowels. And he was right there.It was as simple as that.”


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