in #CASE you missed it… “The Wellness Pod” VIDEO

in #CASE you missed it… “The Wellness Pod” VIDEO 

If you have ever had a nagging back ache, sore muscles, or just some aches and pains that never seem to quite go away then you might want to check out the folks at Seattle Sun Tan. 35 locations all over the Puget Sound there is one near you.

Why Seattle Sun Tan you might be asking…. Well they are MORE than tanning they have Spa Services and the Wellness Pod as I call it is a real added benefit I think lots of folks could take advantage of and feel much better.

Heat, massage, inferred, aroma therapy, oh boy let me tell ya this did the trick for my back. I spent 30 mins in the pod and when I got out I could seriously feel the difference and still the next day I can still feel the effects.

Check out the quick video as it will give you a better idea. I would encourage you if you are busy, have lots going on and are stressed out, have aches and pains you should hop in the wellness pod and see what a difference 30 mins will make!  



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