Breathtaking Bridge In Vietnam Has Just Been Opened

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This bridge outside Da Nang in Vietnam has just opened for visitors. I have to say I have seen many bridges in my life but never anything as spectacular and breathtaking as this one. It is known as the Golden Bridge and it is located 1,400m above sea level in the tourist retreat of Thien Thai Garden. According to reports the bridge is part of a $2 billion project, designed to accommodate Vietnam’s vast numbers of tourists.  Take a look at this bridge, what do you think, would you like to visit it?

Ensuring the path, stable as it stands. Lifting it up, with two giant hands. #smashpopvietnam #smashpopmavic

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Isn't it gorgeous? 

#Bridges. They carry so much history. Romantic rendez-vous, important days, routine. And they give cities their personality. 🌁 I mean, can you imagine San Francisco without its Golden Gate bridge? What about Paris and the lovely Pont des Arts. Or Charles Bridge in Prague. 🎻 We've all seen the movies. That "meet me at the Brooklyn Bridge". 💘 My special ones are Coronado Bridge, Ponte Vecchio in Firenze and Puente de la Mujer in Buenos Aires. Comment yours 👇🏼 📍Golden Bridge at Bana Hills, Da Nang. #Vietnam

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Look at the elegance of this bridge!

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Hands down a very cool bridge ~ (or hands up?) #goldenbridge #banahills #danang #다낭여행

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