in #CASE you missed it… Most People Don’t Finish Their DIY Projects

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in #CASE you missed it… Most People Don’t Finish Their DIY Projects

Thanks to the countless shows on HGTV, a lot of us these days think we can handle projects around the house ourselves, rather than hire professionals, but a new study finds most of us really just can’t. According to a survey by, the average American actually has nine unfinished DIY projects in their home at any one time. And a lot of those unfinished projects have been that way for a while.

In fact, a third of people say that they’ve delayed at least one DIY project for a year or more, with 57% of people saying their home is currently a “work in progress.” As for the projects most likely to be neglected, the most common is house painting (55%), followed by a third of people who have delayed remodeling a bathroom, and 28% of people who haven’t put down new carpet.

It’s not all bad news though. A typical homeowner does usually finish four of their projects within a year, with 10% of people saying they are completely satisfied with their home improvement projects.

My wife Barbara and I recently completed our kitchen remodel and we used the folks at Lowe's and I have to say WAY better than us trying to do it on our own. 

Check out our new kitchen! 


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