in #CASE you missed it… The Most Annoying Email Phrases

in #CASE you missed it…  The Most Annoying Email Phrases

These days most of us are forced to deal with hundreds of work emails on a daily basis, and more often than not we see people writing the same phrases over and over, so much so that we get pretty sick and tired of them.

Well, a recent Adobe survey asked folks to identify the email phrases they hate the most, and we bet a lot of people can relate. Topping the list is “Not sure if you saw my last email…,” which got 25% of the vote. Others making the list include:

“Per my last email…” – 13%

“Per our conversation…” - 11%

“Any updates on this…” - 11%

“Sorry for the double email…” - 10%

“Please advise…” – 9%

“As previously stated…” – 9%

“As discussed…” – 6%

“Re-attaching for convenience” – 6%


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