in #CASE you missed it…Colleges Introducing Therapy Dogs To Ease Students

in #CASE you missed it…  Colleges Introducing Therapy Dogs To Ease Students’ Stress

Several schools are now bringing in therapy dogs to help students adjust to college

University of South Carolina just introduced a pooch named Indy, while University of Southern California has had Beau since 2016

Seriously – this is just one of the things that is seriously wrong with kids today.

All these years kids have gone off to college and now we need Therapy Dogs to help deal with stress?

WT!!! Seriously I thought college was supposed to prepare kids for the REAL WORLD and REAL LIFE – well guess what out here in the real world it’s stressful and you just have to deal and cope and it’s called being AN ADULT.  SMH! 

Kids these days have it way too soft…. And ya know what, I remember my Grandfather saying the same thing about my generation… ha, #Irony!

Do you think this is a little much? Leave a comment and let me know?


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