Video Of Mother Dunking 3-Year-Old In Toilet . Mom Says It Was A Joke

I'm all for tough discipline, but this mom is not right, what she did is despicable. She is now being investigated by the police and social service in Florida. There's a video that went viral that shows Kaitlyn Wolf, the mom, dunking her poor 3-year-old kid's head in the toilet. The mom is now saying she never expected the video to go viral and that it was her nanny the one that made it go viral. 

She also said that she said that she dunked her little's boy's head in the toilet because he had used profanity. She also said that the little kid said he wanted her to to do it again. But that is not on the video. 

Do you think what the mom did was acceptable? I'm sorry but to me that is out of line... SHARE if you think the mom was wrong.....



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