Crack pipe vending machines appear in New York

I'd say it's probably a bad sign for a town if someone thinks it's got enough CRACKHEADS that it's worth starting a new business to cater to them. 

And that's exactly what happened in three towns on Long Island, New York:  Brookhaven, Coram, and Medford.

A few weeks ago, someone installed what seem to be CRACK PIPE VENDING MACHINES in all three towns.

The machines claim they're selling pens for $2.  But they're not really pens . . . they're a glass tube, a filter, and some ink.  In theory you could put those things together to make a pen, but really, people throw out the ink and use the pipe and filter for smoking crack.

No one's quite sure who installed the machines, but people in all three towns are freaking out about them.  The cops are investigating where they came from . . . and they say they could possibly file criminal charges.

So what do you think, good or bad idea?



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