Putting Up Christmas Decorations Early Makes You Happier Study Says!!

Christmas is my favorite day of the year, nothing compares to it. So this news make so happy.

 New research from scientists says, decorating for Christmas early makes us happier (Duh! ;)   They say there is no time limit on when you should put up your lights and trees, and that in fact, we shouldn't listen to those who say to wait until after Thanksgiving. 

It is simple , Christmas decorations stir up feelings of pure joy and can literally modify some happy hormones in your body.  And the reason for that is because we associate feelings of Christmas with happy parts of our past, like being a kid and enjoy the magic of Christmas.   

The study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that your neighbors may interpret you putting up Christmas decorations as a sign that you’re sociable and approachable.  Find out more about the study by clicking here.  

I do Christmas decorations early, almost right after Halloween, and you know why, it just makes me happy and I don't care what people think, if it makes me and my family happy, who cares, right?! 

What do you think?


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