Teens stole from gas station clerk as he lay critically ill with Heart Atta

After you see this video you are going to feel disgusted, repulsed, how could this happen. These teens were having a discussion with this clerk about pepperoni sticks. Apparently they didn't want to pay. So after arguing with the clerk they gave him $1. 

That was not enough and they kept discussing. The clerk then collapsed after having a heart attack. The two teens and an adult that were there, did NOT call 911 and left the poor clerk to die. No only that, they came back to the store to steal  cigarettes and money from the cash register and then left.

Eventually someone called 911 and took the clerk to the hospital and he is now in critical condition. he has a wife and 3 kids. But what about those heartless people that did not help..

What do you think? do you feel that our society is doomed after wachhing this video?



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