in #CASE you missed it…The Most Stolen Cars Of 2017

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in #CASE you missed it…The Most Stolen Cars Of 2017

The National Insurance Crime Bureau's annual “Hot Wheels” report reveals last year’s most stolen vehicles

When parking your car on the street there’s always a little worry that someone may try to steal it, and if you own certain vehicles you have a particularly good reason to be concerned. The National Insurance Crime Bureau just released their annual "Hot Wheels" reports, identifying the ten most stolen vehicles in the country, and it turns out, if you have a newer model car you can rest a little easier.

Overall, the Honda Civic tops the list of the most stolen vehicle, but it isn't a newer models that thieves are nabbing. It seems older, pre-“smart key” cars are more likely to get stolen simply because it’s easier and they lack anti-theft technology. 

According to the “Hot Wheels” reports, it's the 1998 Honda Civic that's last year's most stolen vehicle, with 6,707 of them nabbed. In comparison, of the newer 2017 Civics, only 388 were stolen.

Top Ten Most Stolen Vehicles Last Year

Honda Civic, 1998 (6,707)

Honda Accord, 1997 (6,301)

Ford Pick-Up (Full Size), 2006 (3,151)

Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size), 2004 (1,907)

Toyota Camry, 2017 (1,100)

Nissan Altima, 2016 (1,450)

Toyota Corolla, 2106 (1,012)

Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size), 2001 (1,242)

GMC Pickup (Full Size), 2017 (957)

Chevrolet Impala 2008 (991)


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