Trump: It's A Scary Time For Men; Mocks Kavanaugh Accuser (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump says it's a "scary time for young men in America" in regards to the sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Trump says the switch has been flipped for Kavanaugh, claiming he has been seen as "guilty until proven innocent" instead of the other way around.

And while he authorized a full FBI investigation into the claims and feels confident that Congress will ultimately confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, he’s still got an ax to grind…with at least one of Kavanaugh’s accusers: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Speaking at a rally in Mississippi last night, the President went on a tear mocking Dr. Ford – and got laughs from his supporters along the way. Among other things, Trump said Dr. Ford is not a reliable witness because she can't remember any details and it's been 36 years. He called it a sad situation and that the nation needs to get smart and get tough. He called on his supporters to think of the men who are subjected to what he called false accusations.

  • As you might expect, a lawyer for Dr. Ford is less than pleased. Michael Bromwich took to Twitter last night to denounce the diatribe. Calling Trump's words "a vicious, vile and soulless attack," he added that Ford has been a "remarkable profile in courage," adding that Trump is "a profile in cowardice."


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