Look up! The Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend

Nothing like a beautiful meteor shower, and the best part, it is FREE!! The Orionid meteor shower, known for fast-moving meteors that leave gas trails in the night sky, is building toward a peak on the morning of Sunday, October 21. 

The moon will set at 3:56 AM, leaving a prime peak-shower viewing window of about 2 hours before morning twilight begins to brighten the sky at 5:47 AM.  The Orionids are not the strongest meteor shower of the year, usually providing just 10-20 meteors per hour. 

They are fast-moving meteors — 41 miles per second — and relatively faint, but about half of them leave trails of ionized gas behind them that are visible for a few seconds. Just find a dark, open area and scan the night sky. I hope you see a few if you're up early. Enjoy it and share your pictures or video with us if you're lucky enough to capture the show.  SHARE this with your friends, don't be selfish ;)


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