in #CASE you missed it… iHeart 80s Dance Music

in #CASE you missed it… iHeart 80s Dance Music

Long before the kids of today were “waiting for the drop” and cranking up the EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ) the digital dance floor was created way back in the 1980’s

The decade that brought us Regan-omics, MTV, and Nintendo also heralded the arrival of what was once known as the 12” Dance Mix or Remix

The early 12” remixes were popular and staples in the club scene of the 80’s.

The Haçienda was a nightclub and music venue in Manchester, England, which became famous in the Madchester years of the 1980s and early 1990s. It was a hot bed for breaking songs, trends, and style.

Here locally in Seattle clubs like Skoochies, The Underground, Encore and DV8 all played host to many popular club nights. 

Now I think I need to download these on my iHeart Radio App and some of the most popular songs that had people on the floor were:

Techno Tronic – Pump Up The Jam


New Order – Blue Monday


Information Society – I Want To Know What You’re Thinking


M/A/R/R/S – Pump Up The Volume


Madonna – Express Yourself


Erasure – A Little Respect


Yaz – Situation


Shannon – Let The Music Play



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