in #CASE you missed it… The Worst Bosses in The World

in #CASE you missed it… The Worst Bosses in The World

Employees at a home improvement firm in China faced some pretty inhumane punishments for not meeting sales goals.

Think your boss sucks? Try working in China, where three managers at a firm are heading to prison for subjecting their staff to inhumane punishment. Like what? If employees didn’t meet their sales goals, they were forced to drink urine, eat insects and be whipped with belts!

The arrests came after an employee exposed the maltreatment of staff in a post to the social media site Weibo, that went viral. The post included a video that appeared to show a man standing topless in a room as people watched him get whipped by another man with a belt, along with footage of people drinking yellow liquid.

The post was deleted, but soon screenshots of texts allegedly sent by the company’s managers soon surfaced on a local news site. Among the texts, one showed a team leader being threatened with eating three cockroaches per “failed sale.” Other punishments included drinking toilet water, vinegar, selling condoms and sanitary pads on the street, and shaving their head.

Source: South China Morning Post

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