Confirmed by Scientists: Babysitting your grandchildren improves your life

If you are a grandparent you already know how awesome it is. You know that your grandchildren feel your heart with love, warmth and happiness. You love being surrounded by them, taking care of them. You volunteered many times to babysit them, because you enjoy their presence and because you want to help your kids. 

Now I got good news for you.  According to a report published by Evolution and Human Behavior, babysitting grandchildren can in fact lead to a longer life! The participants were over 70 years old. The study proved that those who babysit their grandchildren have a lower risk of death for 20 years in comparison to those who did not care for their grandchildren. So, very simple, want to live longer, babysit your grandkids. 

But hold on, the study says that it cannot be a one day deal. The study applies to those who regularly babysit their grandchildren. You may wonder why it is so beneficial.... I'll tell you.....

According to researchers, that love, warmth, happiness that kids bring with them help you lower your stress and also gives you a purpose to live, you want to see those kids grow and make something important of themselves... So, if you or someone you know is a grandparent, please SHARE this info and help them live longer! 


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