Joe Biden Our Next President In 2020?

Is he in? It sure looks like it – and according to a Democratic lawmaker who has spoken on the condition of anonymity, former Vice President Joe Biden is definitely in. Biden’s message? "Be careful what you wish for."

That's what he told a group of firefighters' at a conference in Washington DC yesterday. As many of the assembled chanted, "Run Joe run!" He responded – "Save it a little longer; I might need it in a few weeks."

As for our unnamed lawmaker, they told “The Hill” that Biden was clear about his plans during a recent phone call when he reportedly said, ““I’m giving it a shot.” But officially? Biden fans will have to wait as spokesman Bill Russo is refuting the report. “He has not made a final decision,” Russo notes. “No change.” According to the Capitol Hill rumor mill, Biden will make his big announcement next month. So far he is leading among the Democratic presidential favorites, but it won't be easy for him. And if he wins, he will surely have to face the president in a 2020 election. There are not many polls about them facing each other. CNN did one and Biden beat Trump, but you know, it is CNN, so we will have to wait... Who do you think would win in 2020 if Biden runs against Trump?

Source:The Hill

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