Scarlett Fever Returns, Parents Need To Keep Close Eye For Early Signs

Scarlet fever is a infectious disease which is caused by same bacteria who causes strep throat. People of any age can be effected but children are more vulnerable to this disease. This bacteria spreads through sneezing and coughing. This video will show you its causes, symptoms and treatment options.

Regular Symptoms:. 

Frequently Scarlet Fever is joined by a:. 1.Red Rash. 

2.Flushed face. 

3.Sore throat. 

4.Itchy skin. 

5.Swollen neck organs. 

6.High Fever (101°F). 

7.Abdominal agony. 

sick baby

Scarlett fever is contagious so make sure they stay away from others to avoid spreading it. Take a look at this for more info and please pass this information around....

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