You Don’t Become An “Adult” Until Your 30s Study Says... REALLY?

New research has come out that shows a different way to look at “adulthood.”Professor Peter Jones, of Cambridge University, has found that it can take three decades for the human brain to fully transition into an “adult” brain.

Sure, most law say that 18’s the time when you can officially be judged as an adult, but Jones has this point: “Even seasoned judges can tell the difference between an 18-year-old defendant, and a ‘hardened criminal’ of the age of 30.”

At 18, there are still significant changes and growth periods happening in the brain. So, even though you might get approved for that mortgage, you’re still more prone to do “immature” things than someone who hit the “more mature” age of 30. The way Jones sees it, there’s no magic switch between adolescence and adulthood, and “people are on a pathway…or trajectory.” It sounds like bs to me, but I'm not a professor... What do you think?


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