Snoop Dogg’s pot made Matthew McConaughey rap for 13 hours straight

Move over, Martha,Snoop Dogg might have a new best friend —Matthew McConaughey... We all know how much Snoop Dogg loves weed. So it was only right that when he showed up to the set of his new movie Beach Bums, which also stars Matthew McConaughey, and found out that the weed on set was fake that he swaps it for the real thing.

It seems Snoop didn’t tell McConaughey that it was real weed being used for the scene. Once the scene ended McConaughey realized he was high and with a confirmation from Snoop that yes he had smoked real weed, McConaughey told Snoop ‘Okay man! Buckle up because here we go.’”

According to Snoop, McConaughey is very entertaining when he is high. He allegedly rapped for 13 hours straight!

Check out their interview with Jimmy Kimmel below:

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