Dad Upsets Wife After Saying Daddy-Daughter Dances Are “Creepy”

A man recently explained on social media that after seeing an ad for a Valentine’s Day daddy-daughter dance he told his wife he wasn’t down with the idea. Seems he feels the dances “are creepy and sexualize the relationship between daughter and father,” noting, “the whole thing just grosses me out and makes my skin crawl.” He adds, "I love my daughter with all my heart, but I don't want to date her."

Well, apparently his opinion didn’t sit well with his wife, an even though their daughter is only two, and these dances are years away, she reacted badly. "She lost it. She was shaking and crying," he wrote. "She thinks I would be denying my daughter a special bonding experience. She was worried my daughter would feel so hurt and left out by this."

The dad and his wife are now fighting over the subject, and he is now wondering whether he’s in the wrong, and it seems folks on the Internet have mixed opinions.

  • Several folks agreed that such dances are creepy, with one person noting, “I fully agree with you. I live in the south, and these dances/mentalities are pretty prominent and creep me out.” While another added, “You are totally correct in that a lot of these D&D dances are rooted in purity balls which are creepy as (expletive), sexist, misogynistic and focus on treating the daughter like a possession passed from father to husband.”
  • Yet others thought the dad was overreacting and insist such dances are sweet. "Some of my best childhood memories with my dad were having 'Dance Parties,'" one person wrote, while another added, “I don’t see how dressing up and having a dance with your dad is sexual." 

What do you think?


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