Mom fails drug test after eating poppyseed bagel

A New York mother was forcibly separated from her newborn baby after she ate a poppy seed bagel that caused her to fail a drug test earlier this month. Elizabeth Dominguez is 29. Hours before giving birth she decided to treat herself with some poppy seed bagels. You had them, they are so yummy, especially in New York. Then she went straight to the hospital to give birth. When Elizabeth went into labor, she was asked for a urine sample. Speaking with WKBW, she stated “I did a urine test and it came back that I tested positive for opiates,” she said. “I called my husband freaking out saying ‘how is this possible?’ I don’t do drugs,” she said. Then she remembered that she had eaten a poppy seed bagel and made the connection.

There's a policy when you give birth and you test positive for drugs, the hospital has to take away your baby from the mom, and that's what the hospital did. The mom was discharged, and separated from her son. Imagine how horrible she felt. She explained to the hospital her theory and after some studies the mom was quickly reunited with her baby...



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