People In Washington DC Might Be Able To Write Each Other Parking Tickets

How would you like to be able to take a picture of someone's car who is parked illegally and provide them a ticket for it? That's what one local official wants in Washington D.C. 

DC Council member Charles Allen’s new bill would give people the power to ticket illegally parked cars with a simple cell phone picture. When people see a vehicle that is blocking a bike lane, blocking the crosswalk, blocking a fire hydrant, they would have the ability using an app on their phone to be able to take a picture and actually have a ticket that will be issued. 

Allen says a measure like this is needed because a parking violation can pose a safety hazard for bikers and scooter riders, especially after the recent pedestrian deaths in the area. 

He hopes to have the bill passed in the fall.

Source: Fox News

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