US team is slammed for 'disgusting' and 'obnoxious' celebrations

It was an amazing victory, it was a record victory. The US women's soccer team beat Thailand 13 -0 on their debut of the 2019 Women's World Cup. Of course when you win and when you win for such a big margin, you are going to celebrate, right? Well social media did not take that kindly and now the US women's soccer team has been slammed for wildly celebrating every goal in their 13-0 defeat of Thailand.

A Canadian commentator said: "I think they could have won with humility and grace but they couldn't manage to do that. Celebrating goals later in the game like this is just completely unnecessary," TSN host Clare Rustad said after the US victory..

Several fans on Twitter also made their feelings known. 

'I understand running up the score for goal difference but no need to celebrate every single goal like classless jerks,' one wrote. 

Another added: 'Ok settle down USA... you're up 11-0 against Thailand.'  So what do you think, were the celebrations too much?


The players could not believe some people criticizing them and took it to twitter.....



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