in #CASE you missed it… iHeart 80s Alternative

in #CASE you missed it… iHeart 80s Alternative

The 80’s gave us so much great music we all know that. From Madonna, Billy Joel, and Michael Jackson. Yet at the same time there was an entire genre of music that was being formed and it spoke to an entire sub set of a generation. I’m talking 80’s Alternative / New Wave music.

It was this somewhat darker underground movement that would eventually lay the seeds for Grunge, Electronic music, and many other formats as well as styles.

Today it’s more commonly known as “Classic Alternative”

For me however it’s just great music that still to this day sounds as good or if not better than anything that’s being produced right now.

In this ongoing series I will take a look at some of my favorite 80’s Alternative bands, share some memories and relish the awesomeness that is.

My favorite 80’s Alternative hits this week:

The Cult - "She Sells Sanctuary". In May 1985, the Cult released their fourth single, "She Sells Sanctuary", which peaked at No. 15 in the UK and spent 23 weeks in the Top 100. The song was recently voted No. 18 in VH1's Indie 100


New Order – “Blue Monday”. The band claimed to have written the song in response to crowd disappointment at the fact that they never played encores. The song was planned to allow them to return to the stage, press play on a synthesizer and leave the stage again, but while writing the song it evolved into a project that the band quite liked, and it was turned from an experiment into a single. However, the band since have become noted for playing Blue Monday as an encore


Echo and The Bunnymen – “Lips Like Sugar”. Which was released in August 1987. Will Seargent credited the song as a turning point in the band's success, saying "It just started started building. It was building naturally, and then we ended up doing the Greek Theater in Hollywood and the sheds and places like that. All of the sudden the crowd started changing - they'd become, like really young kids. You're thinking, Why? It was just weird. Right around 'Lips Like Sugar,' it really changed."



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