More Than 38-Million Americans Will Bet On The NFL This Year.. Will You?

The NFL season officially kicks off tonight, and while a lot of folks will be upset if their team loses, it seems even more will be pretty broke. That's because according to a new study by the American Gaming Association, more than 38 million Americans, or 15% of the U.S. adult population, will be placing bets on NFL games this season.

As for where they’ll be making those bets, almost seven million will bet legally at a casino, which is up 1-point-2 million from last year, while even more Americans, 10 million to be specific, will bet with friends, participate in pools or squares or make bets online. And that number would likely go up if sports betting was made legal in more states, with 24% of Americans saying they would bet on an NFL game if it was legal to do so in their state.

So, with all this betting going on, who do folks think will win it all this year? Well, when asked who they’d place a $25 bet on to win the Super Bowl this year the New England Patriots were the top choice (23%), followed by Kansas City Chiefs (8%), Dallas Cowboys (7%) and New Orleans Saints (6%).

Source:American Gaming Association


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