in #CASE you missed it… It’s time to think about Halloween costumes.

in #CASE you missed it… It’s time to think about Halloween costumes.

We’re only five minutes into September, but it’s full-on Pumpkin Spice season and Halloween is on everyone’s minds already. So while moms are out there trying to track down the costumes their kids will wear for no more than an hour before making mom carry parts of it while they finish trick-or-treating, now there’s an actual “Super Mom” costume you can buy.

Of course, all super moms know that the uniform of choice is leggings and a hoodie, and while you could dress in that for supreme comfort, there’s a little more detail to this Party City costume. For $49.99 you can buy the “Super Mom” outfit that includes a superhero mask for Super Mom and a shirt with a “Super Mom” patch on the chest, a strand of faux pearls, an apron, and four extra foam arms, all holding stuff moms use. There’s a cellphone, a whisk, a grocery list, a credit card, and an iron - which moms may use, but only like twice a year.

Now you could dress up as Super Mom and just wear your softest, hole-y yoga pants and least-stained top and call it a Halloween costume, but if you want to be extra, this is your chance. We do see a few things missing from the ensemble, like the mug of cold coffee mom didn’t finish and stack of school permission slips to sign, but maybe those and the minivan full of crumbs are sold separately.


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