Eight Year Old Finds His Head In The Mouth Of A Mountain Lion

Imagine playing outside with your brother when all of a sudden you find your head inside the mouth of a mountain lion.

That's the scene an eight-year-old boy from Colorado found himself in after he and his brother were playing outside their home. Pike Carlson was playing with his brother in the backyard of their home in Bailey when he went down the hill to talk to a neighbor. He was just walking when the lion came out of nowhere an attacked him. 

Pike's brother ran to get their father and when he arrived at the scene he saw his son pinned under a tree with his head in the lion's mouth. 

The lion that attacked Pike was a 1-year-old male according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. It, along with a second male lion, was euthanized after wildlife officials found them near the carcass of a domestic goat the animals had killed. 

Pike has undergone two surgeries and may need a third to repair part of his eyelid. He is now home recovering with his family.

Source: NBC NEWS


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