This College Kid Figured Out How to Scam Scammers Into Giving You Money

Have you ever stayed on the phone with a scammer, just to waste their time? Well, this is even better . . .

A 22-year-old college kid in Ireland says he figured out a way to get scammers to give HIM money. And he's pulled it off three separate times.

Earlier this month, he got an email from someone claiming to be a "big business banker," who was looking for an investment of about $1,200. So here's what he did . .

First, he acted VERY interested . . . said he wanted to invest MORE than that . . . and asked if he could send them $60,000.

Second, he emailed them a fake PayPal invoice that made it LOOK like he tried to transfer them the money.

Then when the scammer didn't receive the funds, he claimed his bank put a hold on the transfer, because they thought it was a scam. And he told the scammer THEY needed to transfer a small amount of money to him first, so the bank would know it was legit.

They ended up sending him about $30. Then he donated their money to a cancer charity, and sent them an invoice letting them know THEY'D been scammed. 

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