in #CASE you missed it… Best Places To End A Relationship

in #CASE you missed it… Best Places To End A Relationship

Breaking up with someone is never easy, but finding the right time and place to end things can help.

When you get to that point in your relationship that you can no longer live with hearing your partner chew while they eat anymore, it’s a sure sign you’re ready to move on. But actually bringing yourself to tell them? That’s not so easy. No time and place seem right for breaking up with someone you care about, or at least used to care about. But when you need to end things, Cosmopolitan suggests these locations for getting it done.

At a museum - Bonus if they have dinosaurs so you can say, “You know what else is extinct? This relationship?”

At your least favorite restaurant - Because if you go to a place you like, you’ll always picture your ex crying when you eat there.

On a roller coaster - It’s like a symbol of your up and down relationship.

Via Snapchat - You recently discovered your ex loves Snapchat when you found 14 other girls in their phone.

In the back of an Uber - While it won’t be any better for your ex, it will be a refreshing change for the driver who’s used to people throwing up or having sex back there.

Near another couple also breaking up - Because misery loves company?

At Trader Joe’s - So they can stock up on organic snacks, wine, and off-brand Oreos to drown their sorrows in.

At their place - It’s private and you can have sex one last time before grabbing your stuff on the way out.

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