"Jesus Shoes" Full Of Holy Water Sell for $3K And They Are SOLD OUT!

A limited-edition sneaker, which is filled with holy water in the soles and blessed by a priest, sold out within minutes of its debut. The shoes sold for $3,000 a pair. 

The label MSCHF is responsible for releasing the shoe, which is a pair of all-white Nike Air Max 97s that have been injected with holy water sourced from the Jordan River. The water, which is visible in the see-through sole, has some coloring added to enhance visibility. They may be Nikes, but the company has nothing to do with the shoe.

The maker calls them the “Jesus Shoes,” which also feature the Bible verse Matthew 14:25, the passage describing Jesus walking on water, and a single blood drop to represent the blood of Christ.

Less than two dozen of these shoes were made with no plans to create more. 

Check them out here:

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