in #CASE you missed it… Today is Grover's Birthday

in #CASE you missed it… Today is Grover's Birthday

October 14th is Grover’s Birthday! If you’ve ever seen “Sesame Street,” you know just how awesome Grover is! It’s his birthday, and although he may not be as popular as Big Bird or Elmo, he is as cute and loveable as they come.

Grover is a blue furry monster who we love for his caring, cute, and tender personality. His first appearance on the show was in 1970, and was performed by Frank Oz and Eric Jacobson.

Grover is known for the quirky way he speaks, often forgetting to use contractions. He’s usually seen with his close friend Kermit. Grover plays many different roles on Sesame Street – including a super hero known as Super Grover!

in #CASE You Were Curious… About Sesame Street!

Snuffleupagus used to be unintentionally super scary looking. Snuffy had yellow slits for eyes that made him look like a monster and had a much more ghastly body with less padding.

The Count's love of numbers isn't exactly just a play on his name. Vampires are supposed to have arithmomania – a strong need to count surrounding objects.

Snuffleupagus was initially Big Bird's imaginary friend, but then became real so kids wouldn't fear bringing up sexual abuse.

"Sesame Street" develops special features for military families and for children with an incarcerated parent. Also, Elmo's dad was deployed overseas.

The Elmo puppet was initially just a background extra and was given up on as a workable character.

"Sesame Street" is named after the "Arabian Nights" phrase "Open, Sesame!"

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